12 Piece Professional Bump Key Set - Dimple High Security Keys

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12 Piece Professional Bump Key Set - Dimple High Security Keys


This set includes:

Iseo R6 ISE 17
Iseo R11 ISE 14
Cisa Astral CA 62
Brisant BRS 1R
ML4P MTL 5+5+5
ML4P MTL 6 Pin
ML4P MTL 5+5
Peterson Bump Hammer


Bump keys are widely used by professional domestic locksmiths and this 12 Piece Professional Bump Key Set from TradeLocks is the ultimate value for your money. This set includes 10 of the most popular dimple high secutiy keys, meaning that you will be able to cover a wide range of locks used in the market.

Each bump key is accurately diplicated and produced to esnure they work each and every time.

Once cut, each bump key is closely inspected for accuracy and then individually laser etched with the lock details for easy and permanent selection each time. So no more removing a tag ring when you want to use the key. Select them right out of the box.

We have also added into this set the Peterson Bump Hammer and Weight Set, arguably, the best bump hammer in the world.

To make sure you keep each bump key in perfect condition we have developed a specially designed case interior with positions cut for each key,and in the lid we have retention straps to keep each key in place and secure, even if the case is dropped.

Bumping is one of the easiest and fastest ways to defeat a lock without destroying it, in fact, without leaving even the slightest sign of entry. professional locksmiths as well as homeowners prefer this method as it's much faster and certainly a much cleaner way to gain entry as there are no worries about replacing or fixing a damaged lock. By being stocked with numerious bump key options you will be able to apply this method of entry more often and save both time and energy which picking or other methods generally require.

TradeLocks has numerous great lock tools and accessories and this colelction of 10 bump keys is a great way to start if you are looking for faster and easier alternatives to picking locks.


Please note: This item is non-refundable. If the security tape is broken then we will no accept return of the product except for manufacturing faults.