UAP 14mm Wide Angle Door Viewer (35-55mm) in Polished Brass


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UAP 14mm Wide Angle Door Viewer (35mm-55mm) in Polished Brass



Awarded 'Secured by Design' approval by the Association of Police Officers
Made with a solid brass body
Comprises of 3 plastic lenses
Ensured to give crystal clear performance for years of safe, secure use
In an attractive Polished Brass finish
Additional extensions are available if you need to make the viewer longer
Up to a 5 year inland coating


Impress with this attractive and feature packed door viewer available at TradeLocks. The UAP 14mm Wide Angle Door Viewer in Polished Brass offers a number of fantastic features that make it a great choice for wooden and composite doors.

Door viewers are a great front door security accessory for your customers, as no door should be opened without first checking who is on the other side. Door security is essential to ensuring a home is safe, and once locks are fitted or replaced it's key to have a door viewer. Many homeowners overlook the importance of checking who is on the other side of the door, and having a door viewer can be the best way to prevent unwanted guests, break-ins and scams. Provide your customers with this fantastic product and help them better protect their home and keep intruders out. 

Featuring the highly sought after 'Secured by Design' approval from the Association of Chief Police Officer, and complying with the DHF TS002:2009 standards, it is a fantastic way for a locksmith to make profit by offering it in the locksmith shop or even having it at hand in the work van. The attractive Polished Brass finish is durable and effective in withstanding all the elements, having been salt spray tested for 500 hours. 

This door viewer has a 14mm barrel, a 26mm viewer and is suitable for 35-55mm openings - making it ideal for wooden and composite doors. Coming with a PVD head this door viewer is resistant to rust which can develop in coastal areas. 

TradeLocks offers the quality that every locksmith seeks to stay ahead of the competition, all the while always making an extra profit as each product is perfectly prices so as to help you keep your prices competitive. It is highly recommended that you display a variety of door security products to sell directly out of your shop to get a steady profit coming in from customers coming to inquire about a lock or just to look around. The UAP 114mm Wide Angle Door Viewer in Polished Brass is a great product to have displayed and impress your customers regardless of where you are working around the world.



14mm Barrel Thickness
35-55mm Extension
26mm View Head Sizes


Please Note: This door viewer is NOT suitable to go through door knockers. Please see our standard door viewers if this is what you require.

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