Access Tools Air Jack Air Wedges - 4 Pack Set

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Access Tools Air Jack Air Wedges 4 Pack Set



- Made from ballistic nylon - extremely durable
- Perfect for any vehicle
- Inflates quickly and easily
- Easily slides over weather stripping


The Air Jack Wedges 4 Pack includes:

Twin Air Jack air wedge: it offers even spreading force on a stiff door frame by placing pressure on both the side and top of the door frame.

Super Air Jack air wedge: it can handle heavy duty door frames with ease.

Air Jack air wedge: it works on many vehicles and it is the most popular size of all.

Mini Starter Air Jack air wedge: it works well as a replacement to the One Hand Jack on vehicles that have soft aluminium b-pillars which would be easily damaged with any kind of pry-bar or plastic wedge.


Now you can find at TradeLocks a fantastic range of products from Access Tools to make difficult lockouts a thing of the past, including this 4 pack set of Air Jack Air Wedges.

The Air Jack Air Wedges 4 Pack Set is a fantastic set, perfect for any vehicle, which includes all four sizes of the popular Air Jack Wedge. The bladder on these wedges is made of ballistic nylon and not rubber, meaning that it won't stretch and won't damage the vehicle either. In order to help you insert the wedge, all Air Jacks come with a built in stiffener which prevents the wedge from bending when you insert it. These air wedges inflate easily and quickly and are extremely durable.

Having high quality lockout tools and accessories, such as the Air Jack Air Wedges 4 Pack Set, will give you peace of mind as you’ll be assured that you’re in possession of some of the best automotive lockout tools on the market.

Access Tools is the leading manufacturer of automotive lockout tools and also other speciality hand tools and equipment for the automotive locksmith, the security industry, police officers, fire departments and many other industries.

Their products are respected by professionals worldwide for its consistent innovation, highest quality control and excellent customer service.