Genuine Lishi Aftermarket B18 Car Key Remote - 3 Button Remote with Panic Button

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Genuine Lishi Aftermarket B18 Car Key Remote - 3 Button Remote with Panic Button - styling influenced by GM USA remotes

The Genuine Lishi B18 Car Key Remotes offer superb Aftermarket car key replacements. Though these are not original car manufacturers keys, they are extremely high quality, and unlike other aftermarket replacement car key remotes in the market, they do not lose coding.

The Genuine Lishi B18 Car Key Remote is a reliable DIY replacement offering you a fantastic replacement car key at an extremely affordable price, often around 30% of the cost of buying a genuine car key!

The biggest benefit of the Aftermarket Car Key Remotes is that you no longer need to invest in high levels of stock, as the one car key remote can programme to a number of different remotes, giving the auto locksmith or garage the chance to offer a huge range of car key replacements but without having to invest a lot of money!

To compliment the aftermarket car key remotes, we have a number of different car key blades and transponder chips. The remotes come complete with the ever popular Genuine Lishi logo in black which compliments the car remote superbly. However, if you want to customise the key, we do offer this range of stick on car logo badges. Please note, in no way at all are these stick on car logo badges associated with any car manufacturer, and applying them to any of our DIY aftermarket remotes does not mean that they are authorised or licensed by the car manufacturer. We strongly recommend that the original Genuine Lishi badge is retained for use on the car key remotes.

If you do not want to purchase all the components individually, we also have a range of ready to programme car key remotes, which come complete with the key remote, transponder chip and car key blade. Click here for more information.