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10 units - Black Window Restrictor with a Black Cable

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10 units - Black Window Restrictor with a Black Cable

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Product Information

MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors in Black Ideal for Every Locksmith Shop

Available in units of 10 the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors are the perfect choice for anyone that offers door and window security in their shop. Stock up at TradeLocks and find the best prices on the most sought after products such as the unbeatable MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors developed to protect children from falling out of windows.

According to the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents over 4,000 children in the United Kingdom fall out of windows and injure themselves yearly. These aren’t only babies but children up to 15 years old which makes these fantastic window restrictors the ideal choice for any window in the home and a great way to take child safety measures. Parents seek products like this on a regular basis and whether they are coming into your shop exclusively for the Window Restrictors or another reason we guarantee that they will certainly catch the eye and will sell great especially if you work in a community with many families.

Designed to be more durable and effective than all others on the market the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors can withstand up to 100 kg of weight so even if an adult trips and falls against the window frame it will be able to hold them and not break. The cable allows for up to 20 cm length thus allowing for safe airing of any room without the possibility of the window being pushed even further. The window restrictors are a great choice for anyone with children or even pets and can even help add onto window security as many intruders seek out an open window to jump in through and when it is protected with a restrictor they usually move onto the next home.

The attractive black finish of the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors allows your client to perfectly match it to the interior of their home and ensure that it is not only useful but nearly invisible. Developed with window security and safety in mind the Window Restrictors feature a key allowing the client to lock and unlock it when they need the window fully opened yet never have to fully remove it. This feature also makes them ideal for fire escape windows as they can easily place the key near the window and escape from it quickly and easily if necessary.

TradeLocks offers locksmiths a great opportunity to stock up their shops not only with door security locks but also great window security products such as the Black MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors suitable for homeowners throughout Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland.

Sold in Units of 10


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