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CitySafe Tibbe Manual Key Cutting Machine

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CitySafe Tibbe Manual Key Cutting Machine

You can now find at TradeLocks the latest range of key cutting machines from CitySafe, including the CitySafe Tibbe Manual Key Cutting Machine, which is ideal for locksmiths or key cutters looking for a durable, reliable and practical key cutting machine.

The CitySafe Tibbe manual key cutting machine can cut 6 cut Tibbe keys and 8 cut Jaguar Tibbe keys. It has a special FO21 jaw, brushless motor, rotating type depth micro adjustment and a USB plug in LED light. And it also comes with a 12 months return to base guarantee!



• Durable: The machine is manufactured by a sheet metal stamping process.

• Practical work station: The well-designed levers and the plug in USB light situated above the key cutting area ensures the work station is comfortable to work with and well lit.

• Ball screw mechanism: The machine is equipped with a ball screw mechanism which moves 8 spaces and can be locked into position. This gives a precise cutting angle and an accurate cutting space.

• Portable: The machine is lightweight, compact and portable. It is perfect for any key cutting or locksmith shop or van!

• Accurate: The machine is easy to operate and accurately cuts 6 cut Tibbe keys and 8 cut Jaguar Tibbe keys.

• Depth calibration: On this machine the depth calibration process is simplified by rotating depth micro adjustment.

• Brushless motor: The cutter is driven by a brushless motor. 


Power supply: ACC220V-50/60 Hz
- Cutter speed: 1800rpm
- Jaw: Special FO21 jaw
- Dimensions: (L)200 x (W)250 x (H)200mm
- Weight: 13 kg

- x1 Handle
- x1 Tip Stop
- x1 Cleaning Brush
- x1 Power Cable
- x1 Replacement Motor Belt
- x1 USB LED Light
- x1 Allen key
- x1 Spanner


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