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Coastal Letterboxes

What happens when you combine a number of unbeatable security features with durability that can withstand even the harshest salt and pollution attacks? The impressive Nanocoast Letterplates available at TradeLocks. Get all the necessary security features jam packed in an attractive and durable letterplate with the UAP Nanocoast range. 


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Coastal Letterboxes

Salt Attack Protection with Nanocoast Letterplates

TradeLocks offers a number of great Nanocoast hardware ideal for coastal areas in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain. The Nanocoast Letterplates range not only features he impressive durability against salt and pollution attacks, but also a number of unbeatable security features.

Combine corrosion resistance with numerous security features that will add onto the overall door security and protect your post from theft, vandalism, and even your home from draft.

Four major Anti-Vandal features of the Nanocoast Letterplates range:

·         Anti-Burglar: The letterplate cannot be unscrewed from the frame externally as it features blind bolts to the exterior.

·         Anti-Vandal: The added outward facing brushes help protect the opening from vandalism such as putting unwanted objects in the post plus they help protect the home from drought, and even make posting easier.

·         Anti-Snap Flap: Springs will not break or become damaged even after thousands of openings as they are ultra-flexible. Combined with the water seal which prevents water from getting in the panel or door ensures that the letterplate outlasts all others on the market.

·         Anti-Scratch Frame: Outlasting not only in function but in looks the Nanocoast Letterplate also features a matted coating which helps to conceal any scratches that may appear over time or during fitting

Aside from the security features what puts the Nanocoast Letterplates range ahead of the competition is the impressive durability and protection against salt and pollution attacks. Around coastal areas in the United Kingdom exterior door hardware tarnishes very quickly due to the constant salt attacks, the same goes for homes in highly polluted areas such as big cities which are regularly get attacked by pollution and acid rain. This is why it is essential that as a professional you offer your clients a variety of options especially if you work in these types of areas.

Manufactured of high grade stainless steel and salt spray tested as per ASTM B117 standards for 2,000 hours the Nanocoast Letterplates come with a 10 year coastal guarantee. TradeLocks offers the full Nanocoast range of products so you can easily present your clients with perfectly matched door hardware and door security products that are both attractive and durable. 

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