Custom Keyed Alike Euro Cylinders

UAP+ Custom Keyed Alike Euro Cylinders

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Custom Keyed Alike Euro Cylinders

Custom Keyed Alike Cylinders

Keep intruders out with the attractive and inexpensive Keyed Alike Cylinder from UAP Trade Locks. There are 2 cylinder in total, with each being keyed to the same key. This means that your customers can now use the same key on their front and back door locks.

We have a team of in-house locksmiths who can create custom keyed alike orders on any number of cylinders, across a range of different sizes and finishes. Please note that the Kitemark status on the Kitemarked cylinder will be affected if a non-Kitemarked accredited locksmith attempts to re-pin the cylinder. 

Focusing on improving your homes security with the most inexpensive options on the market today is key to protecting your home from the break-in spike in England. Finding the best quality door hardware is key in the UK these days as burglars are getting more and more desperate to get into your homes and using techniques such as picking, drilling, bumping, and snapping they can get into most homes without front door security. Taking steps to protecting your homes entryways is inexpensive and the Keyed Alike Cylinder can help you in keeping intruders out.

Finding cylinder locks in the UK is relatively simple, however, finding a knowledgeable company that can offer you safe and secure cylinders that are easy to install and able to help protect your home is not. UAP Trade Locks has numerous highly knowledgeable representatives that will help you every step of the way in choosing the ideal Euro Cylinder for your front door. The Keyed Alike Cylinder is ideal primarily because of its numerous features which help slow down cylinder attacks from intruders using the most common and popular techniques for breaking into homes.


Each cylinder comes with 3 keys as standard (additional keys are available on request at an additional charge). UAP key blanks are also available to purchase to have the key cut yourself (the UAP key blank is around 2mm longer than a traditional key blank, so traditional key blanks will not work on UAP cylinders). The key blank is standard, and not a car key shape - meaning that it will not be very expensive to have replacement keys cut.

Though any determined intruder will find a way to break into a home when they set their minds to it, however, few stray from the common techniques as they are the fastest, the quietest, and certainly most effective. If they feel hindered at any point they are likely to move on as running the risk of being caught is not worth it. The Keyed Alike Cylinder from Trade Locks is the best and most inexpensive front door security option on the UK market.