6 Lever Mortice Key Blank


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6 Lever Mortice Lock Key Blank

When it comes to replacing and fixing Mortice Locks its essential that you are also prepared with quality key blanks as well and TradeLocks doesn’t fail to deliver. With a fantastic selection of keys we ensure to cover the 6 Lever Mortice Locks as well.

We highly recommend that you have at least several keys at hand at all times which you can easily turn to when working with mortice locks. Taking the time to stock up if you are a domestic locksmith will mean that you will never again keep your customers waiting and can quickly and easily get the job done without delay. These solid brass key blanks ensure that they last longer and never disappoint not to mention that they are very easy to work with and allow you to provide your customers with smoothly working keys.

TradeLocks offers very fast and secure shipping to Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland to ensure that you are always ready for whatever job may come your way. The MAX6MUM SECURITY 6 Lever Mortice Locks are the ideal way to ensure that your customer’s homes are safe from intruders by boosting door security. Designed with numerous security features they are the most sought after form of easy and inexpensive home security throughout the United Kingdom making stocking up with property quality key blanks an absolute essential.

With features such as their registered design restricted keyway and extended warding along with the impressive brass levers, extra deep anti picks, and the heavy duty steel box striker these locks protect the property from intruders using the most common break-in methods. Improving door security is absolute key when it comes to the overall security of a property and one of the first steps to achieve this is through high quality and high security locks.

TradeLocks ensures that professional locksmiths are well prepared for whatever job may come their way. From impressive domestic locksmith tools to high security Mortice Locks and the durable high quality solid brass mortice lock key blanks, and much more. Wherever you work in the UK it’s important to remember that competition is always around the corner and if your shop is not stocked with the right accessories such as the mortice lock key blanks clients may move onto the next locksmith that can offer immediate service rather than wait for them to be ordered.