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Letter Boxes (Letterplates)


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Letter Boxes (Letterplates)

Get Post in Style with Attractive Letterplates

Nothing says that you are not only serious about your homes security but overall look like attractive Letterplates and as a professional locksmith your expertise will be needed in choosing the ideal one for a client’s front door. TradeLocks offers a wide variety of options not only in design but also in security features, finishes, and prices so as to ensure that you can easily make a choice that is most suitable for your clients. We have a quality, durable, and attractive letterplate suitable for every door type including steel doors, patio doors, wooden doors, composite doors, and through the mid rail of uPVC doors. You will be able to easily and quickly make a selection in design and finish or put together several suitable options for your clients to choose from.

Choose from a variety of options such as the 12” Fire Check (40/80 Depth) which not only makes posting much easier and faster but also has a special fire feature that allows it to expand against heat in case of a fire through a in tumescent lining. This helps prevent the fire from spreading for a minimum of 60 minutes. In addition to this the letter plate is also Anti-Vandal which comes with numerous security features that help prevent burglary, vandalism, damage, and even helps keep draft to a minimum all the while making posting much easier. Another fantastic option which also has the Anti-Vandal features is the 10” Petit Master Letterplate which, though slightly smaller than the Fire Check is in no way inferior to its impressive ability to prevent vandalism and burglary. For a letterplate your client wishes to fit in to window mid rails the Slim-Line Letterplate is the ideal choice. Suitable for uPVC windows this letterplate will fit in most systems.

Taking care of the overall front door hardware is something that clients will request of a professional locksmith primarily because of their knowledge and overall experience in the industry. Once they have chosen a finish for the door handle or other major door hardware you will be able to easily offer them a range of great choices in additional hardware such as door knockers or letterplates. As we serve Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain all of the door hardware which is to be fit on the exterior of the home is developed to withstand the harsh elements in the UK and you can assure your clients that whatever they choose it will outlast all others. 

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