Mirror Polished Hidden Fix Letterplate Restrictor Shroud - Stop Key Fishing


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Mirror Polished Hidden Fix Letterplate Restrictor Shroud



14.5" long
Prevents flap from opening more than 40 degrees
Doens't leave visbale fixings on the exterior of the home

Available Finishes:
Gold Anodised
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
PVD Gold
Satin Satinless Steel
Silver Anodised


Helping a client protect their post and home requires a bit of creativity and aside from upgrading their overall door hardware and fitting new letterplates, TradeLocks recommends the impressive Hidden Fix LetterPlate Restrictor Shroud.

Developed for homeowners that primarily have letterplates fit onto their doors, this restrictor shroud offers added home and door security. There is a new form of burgulars these days and what they do is "fish" through the post crevice. If there isn't a security letterplate or shroud fit onto the door then the likelihood of them successfully grabbing a wallet, the keys to a vehicle or worse, they keys for the home is highly increased.

Priced perfectly, the Letterplate Restrictor Shroud features the impressive Hidden Fix technology. It doesn't leave any visable fixings on the exterior of the home and further protects it from being simply removed from the outside. Developed by UAP it is easily the highest quality option available with the most impressively low price. Preventing the inner flap from opening more than 40 degrees, unwanted hands cannot manoeuvre a rod within the crevice and attempt to grab anything from inside. At 14.5" long it's a great option when combined with a number of available letterplates on the market.

UAP is known for developing innovative and attractive products that are manufactured to last. Combing this great Hidden Fix Letterplate Restritor Shroud with one of the impressive anti-vandal UAP Letterplates will esnure the ultimate security of the post as well as the home in general. Help your clients keep vandals and burglars away with small and inexpensive home security solutions.

TradeLocks offers a fantastic array of great quality options for locksmiths to offer in their shop or have in their work van while working on the field. Offering the lowest prices on the UK market for some of the most sought after quality products is what has made us a household name for professional locksmiths. With products such as the impressive Hidden Fix Letterplate Restrictor Shroud you will impress your clients with knowledge and overall concern for their safety and security.


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