UAP Sliding Door Chain available in Brass, Chrome and Satin Silver


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UAP Extra Strong Sliding Door Chain



Consist of three individual parts: chain, holder and receiving plate
- Exceeds breaking force of up to 200Nm
Individually welded links for extra strength
Entirely constructed of high grade steel
Suitable for every door type and door size


UAP's Extra Strong Sliding Door Chain improves overall door security. Improving door security requires protection not only against break-ins while homeowners are away, but also protection from intruders knocking at the door and the impressive UAP Extra Strong Sliding Door Chain is the perfect choice for all.

With spectacular strenght exceeding 200Nm, it can withstand even the strongest man pushing on the other side. Ideal for checking and speaking with whoever comes knocking at the door it allows the homeowner to just open the door enough to pass a small item through or to properly identify who is knocking. It's a great product to have displayed in your shop and impress your customers with.

Offering your clients a variety of great products is key to keeping them satisfied with your services and overall knowledge of the latest products on the market. TradeLocks has a number of impressive yet inexpensive home security solutions that will help overall widnow and door security. These Extra Strong Sliding Door Chain won't fail to impress with their individually welded links and up to 200Nm breaking force. Constructed entirely of high grade steel they are suitable for any door.

Resisting extreme forces these are nothing like the door chains your customer have seen up to now that break at the slightest pressure. The UAP Extra Strong Sliding Door Chains are easy to fit, easy to use and provide the added door security your clients are looking for.

You can choose to purchase these fantastic door chains and display them in your locksmith shop or you can throw them in the back of your work van and present them to clients whilst on the job. Either way you will be profiting not only financially, but will be earning your customers trust by offering such great quality products. Selecting the right door hardware to offer your customers is key to making an impression and keeping them coming back to you in the future. The UAP Extra Strong Sliding Door Chains are a great option suitable for every door and every homeowner around the world.


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