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Fire Resistant Door Closers

Fire Resistant Door Closers

Attractive Commercial Door Closers

If you work commercial properties often you have certainly come across clients that seek high quality commercial Door Closers to fit onto their doors and TradeLocks has the best the market has to offer. Their attractive and sleek design and options in colour finishes allow you to present your clients a variety so as to better meet their needs. These are essentials for commercial properties and a great way to ensure that doors are properly closed even in high traffic areas.

The current options available are the Architectural Door Closers available in both black and silver finishes for better matching to the overall interior and the rest of the door hardware. With a great price they are the perfect investment for your clients not only for their effectiveness but to ensure doors are properly closed ensuring security and conserving energy on heating or cooling of the area. With a plethora of features these great products are easy to fit and require very little experience with door hardware which makes them a great fast profit for a professional locksmith. The Architectural Door Closers feature a 2 valve adjustment in order to incorporate speeds for closing and latching. The closers have two different installation options either a corner bracket or parallel fit and are in a size 3. The Architectural Door Closers are a fantastic option when it comes to commercial door hardware as they have universal applications which include none handed for standup top jamb.

Commercial properties require a lot of attention as there is a lot at stake when it comes to the business if door security is not in perfect. Professional locksmiths are highly sought after when it comes not only to ensuring high security of each entrance and exit of the property but also when it comes to assuring comfort and ease of use of the actual doors. Commercial Door Closers are an essential as they allow the doors to close completely after someone enters or exits the property and prevent draft, conserve energy on heating or cooling the property, and provide security and privacy as the door is always closed.

TradeLocks has worked hard to put together a wide range of high quality products for professional locksmiths working in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain in order to ensure that whatever job you are called on you can easily and quickly provide your clients exactly what they are looking for. When it comes to working commercial properties the key is speed and quality and with our easy installation options, top quality, and low prices you will always be profitable. 

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