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Fire Resistant Letterboxes

If your customers are looking for the highest quality letterplates that offer the most features look no further than the UAP Fire Check Letterplates available at TradeLocks. A number one choice for homeowners not only in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain but around the globe these impressive letterplates offer so much more than a means to receive your post. With added security features and 60 minute fire protection from spreading they are a great option available in a number of finishes to ensure perfect colour coordination for any home.


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Fire Resistant Letterboxes

UAP Fire Check Letterplates Deliver Safety and Security

TradeLocks presents the impressive UAP Fire Check Letterplates featuring numerous impressive security and safety attributes which easily make them the best available on the market today. Select from a number of attractive finishes which can easily be matched to the rest of the door hardware all the while offering protecting and safety that no other letterplate can.

The most impressive feature of the UAP Fire Check Letterplates is its intumescent lining. It has an ability to expand against any heat that is radiated from a fire which in turn fills holes thus preventing the risk of a fire spreading for up to 60 minutes which could be just enough time to save a life. In addition to this the UAP Fire Check Letterplates also feature non-heat absorbing washers which hold the attaching metal fixings. This helps prevent heat transfer from the metal plate onto the door.

In addition to the above features the UAP Fire Check Letterplates have earned their high rating due to their numerous security attributes:

Anti-Burglar: incorporating blind bolts upon the exterior of the door the frame cannot be unscrewed from the door externally and thus preventing not only theft but also break-ins as the intruder cannot have clear access to the inside of the door.

Anti-Vandal: featuring outward facing  brushes not only is the letterplate protected from vandalism such as placing unwanted objects in the opening but makes posting easier and helps protect against draught which in turn helps conserve energy and save money.

Anti-Snap Flap: impressively designed ultra-flexible springs will withstand thousands of openings without breaking or stretching while the internal water seal ensures a longer life and protection by preventing water from entering panel or door.

Anti-Scratch Frame: assuring a longer life and always looking just as attractive as they it was fitted each UAP Fire Check Letterplate has a matt coat finish onto the frame to help conceal scratches from screwdrivers upon installation and everyday use.

Suitable for composite and wooden doors with a thickness of 40-80mm the UAP Fire Check Letterplate will replace most 300 mm (12”) letterplates. The UAP Fire Check Letterplates have also been awarded the highly sought after ‘Secure by Design’ approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers, Conforms to BS/EN 13724:2002 standards, is 60 minute Fire Rated, and can be found at the most competitive price right here at TradeLocks.

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