G Chip Function for Handy Baby


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G Chip Function for Handy Baby

You can now find at Tradelocks the G Chip Function for Handy Baby, to be used with the G Carbon Chip. With this software upgrade you will be able to clone on the latest DST80 80 bit 4D chips, mainly on Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai and Kia models from 2011 onwards, using the Handy Baby Auto Key Cloner. It also allows some DST80 Ford 80 bit chips to be cloned, but only those operating in 40 bit mode.

The Handy Baby is a multi-function auto key programmer which is very popular among locksmiths and some of its functions include copying transponders and read and write from/to transponders.

* Please note: The Handy Baby Auto Key Cloner is not included with this product. Please refer to Handy Baby Transponder Cloner + G Function Bundle to purchase the key cloner as well.

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