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Genuine Lishi Classic HU101 Pick / Decoder 3 in 1

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Genuine Lishi Classic HU101 Pick / Decoder 3 in 1

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Product Code: CLASSIC-LISHI3-1HU101

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Product Information

Genuine Lishi Classic HU101 Pick / Decoder 3 in 1


Opens the following vehicles:

- Fiesta (2008 Onwards)
- Focus (2004 Onwards)
- Focus C Max (2030 Onwards)
- Galaxy (2006 Onwards)
- Kuga (2008 Onwards)
- Mondeo (2007 Onwards)
- S Max (2006 Onwards)
- Transit (2002 - 2007)

- Discovery (2006 Onwards)
- Range Rover (2005 Onwards)

XK (X150) Emergency Key (2006 Onwards)
Most Models (2007 Onwards)

- S40 (2004 - 2011)
- S80 (2007 - 2011)
- V50 (2003 - 2011)
- V70 (2007 - 2011)
XC70 (2007 - 2011)

BT50 (2011 Onwards)


Genuine Lishi tools are trusted by professional locksmiths around the globe because of their unmatched quality and overall designs, and the Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 tools are the perfect example of just that.

After two years of development Genuine Lishi released their long awaited Lishi 3 in 1 tools which took the professional locksmith world by storm. Designed to combine two of the most used auto locksmith tools, the pick and decoder, you are able to easily and quickly pick and decode doors and trunks of vehicles in around or under 3 minutes once mastered. Offering impressive results the Lishi 3 in 1 tool range is a reliable and professional tool that will impress every time and never disappoint.

Unlike Genuine Lishi 2 in 1 tools, the 3 in 1 tools have been developed to be used on vehicle ignitions, as well as doors and trunks.

Manufactured in factories audited and monitored by TradeLocks, each Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 tool is produced under the strictest quality control standards. As we ensure that each tool is of the highest quality and manufactured with precision with strict attention to quality control we are able to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against any manufacturing defect. Though it does not cover standard wear and tear or damage to the Lishi tool occurred due to misuse it does ensure that the tool you get will be manufactured to perfection.

With a range of Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 tools covering nearly all car makes and models you can easily put together a fantastic toolbox to help you grow in your trade as your list of services grows. TradeLocks offers all Genuine Lishi tools available on the market today and ensures that each is of the highest impeccable quality and is developed to outlast all others as is expected with the brand.

Today, the Genuine Lishi logo is the most recognised auto locksmith brand in the World. It is a symbol of quality and is your guarantee that the tools you buy from us are sourced from high quality suppliers. If you want tools that work time and time again, and tools that are kept up to date with changes in vehicle designs, then Genuine Lishi tools are for you. You can buy with confidence when you see the Genuine Lishi Logo and use Genuine Lishi approved distributors; so do not take the risk and buy low quality auto tools. Look out for authorised Genuine Lishi Distributors, the approved Genuine Lishi Trainers, and the Genuine Lishi logo on each tool:

For more information about how to use Genuine Lishi tools, or to find which vehicles a tool will pick and decode, please visit


RETURNS POLICY: All Genuine Lishi picks are non-returnable unless there is a manufacturing issue. If you have ordered the incorrect tool we will not complete a return, we will only raise a return on a Lishi pick that has a manufacturing fault. If you return a pick at your own cost you will not be refunded and you will have to collect the replacement pick in person or pay for the postage back.

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