Genuine Lishi Slave Keys


Genuine Lishi Slave Keys

Slave Key Range from Genuine Lishi

TradeLocks offers a wide range of Genuine Lishi Slave Keys which are recommended if you use Lishi tools when offering key cutting services. They are developed to make cutting easier when using the Lishi 2 in 1 pick an decoder and are a great way to ensure your clients only the highest quality and best on the UK market.

Being ready with common as well as uncommon slave keys is the best way to get and keep customers. When you are prepared to take on a job and offer fast results your customers will appreciate it and return to you with future jobs as well as recommend you to friends and family.

If you offer key cutting services we recommend that you stock up on these fantastic Genuine Lishi Slave Keys and keep track of how many you have left in each model so you can restock when necessary. We also offer an equally wide selection of master keys which can easily complement your collection.

Today, the Genuine Lishi logo is the most recognised Trade Mark in the Auto Locksmith world. Registered as a Trade Mark of UAP Limited, it is guaranteed that the tools you buy from us are sourced from high quality suppliers. If you want tools that work time and time again, and tools that are kept up to date with changes in vehicle designs, then the Genuine Lishi brand is the one for you.

TradeLocks works with professional locksmiths in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain offering them not only a variety of auto locksmith tools and accessories but literature to help them perfect their skills and grow in their trade. For more information about Genuine Lishi Tools, please visit