Handy Baby OBD Adapter for Volkswagen (VW Assistant)


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Handy Baby OBD Adapter for Volkswagen

You can now find at Tradelocks the Handy Baby OBD Adapter, also known as VW Assistant, which can be used with the Handy Baby Auto Key Cloner to read data from Volkswagen vehicles. This will allow you to clone VW Canbus chips and even produce a clone key on 'all keys lost' situations on some late VW models, including some Golf MK6 models.

The VW Assistant is an essential add-on which complements the Handy Baby coverage on later dealer precoded canbus VAG 48 canbus chips as well as 8E chips. It allows the stand-alone cloning of a vast range of VAG dealer precoded canbus models without requiring internet connection.

Not only does the VW Assistant allow you to clone VAG 4th Generation 48 dealer precoded canbus chips with the Handy Baby Transponder Cloner, but it also allows you to produce a working key in an 'all keys lost' situation without the need to remove the clocks, which is something unique to the Handy Baby as no other device can do it at present. Therefore, the VW Assistant empowers the Handy Baby unit to clone an extensive range of VAG 48 dealer precoded canbus models and some even when all keys are lost.

And to make the VW Assistant an even more 'must-have' addition to the Handy Baby device, this additional CS precoded VAG cloning coverage is able to clone to low-cost good quality OEM size glass JDM48 chips which will fit in all pod keys and OEM car key remotes.

Useful tips:

- The VW Assistant won't damage the vehicle if it's not supported

- Ensure the booster pack is used to maintain voltage to the battery

- It is useful to delete fault codes before and after use

- The VW Assistant will buzz 3 times and the dash will reset once data has been obtained

- If the VW Assistant gives just one long buzz then the car is not supported


The current coverage of the VW Assistant with Handy Baby includes:

Brand         Model                  System                 Years

Skoda         Octavia                CDC32+24c32     2007 - 2009

Skoda         Fabia Scout          CDC32+24c32     2007 - 2009

Skoda         Octavia                NEC+24c32/64   2009 - 2015

Skoda         Fabia Scout          NEC+24c32/64   2009 - 2015

Skoda         Superb                 NEC+24c32/64   2009 - 2015

Skoda         Rapid                    NEC35xx              2014

VW             Bora                     NEC+24c32/64   2009 - 2015

VW             Bora                     NEC+95320         2013

VW             Bora                     NEC35xx              2014

VW             Caddy                   NEC+24c32/64   2009 - 2015

VW             EOS                      NEC+24c32/64   2009 onwards

VW             Golf MK6             MC9S12-im80f   2009 - 2014

VW             Golf MK6             NEC24c32/64     2011 - 2014

VW             Golf MK6             NEC+9s320         2009 onwards

VW             Jetta                     NEC+24c32         2010 - 2015

VW             Jetta                     NEC+9s320         2013

VW             Jetta                     nec3sxx               2014 - 2015

VW             Lavida 1.8T         NEC+24c32/64   2011 - 2015

VW             Lavida                  NEC3sxx              2014 - 2015

VW             Polo                     NEC+24c32         2009 - 2015

VW             Polo                     NEC+9s320         2013 - 2015

VW             Polo                     NEC3sxx              2014 - 2015

VW             Passat                  NEC+24c32/64   2011 - 2015

VW             R36                      NEC+24c32/64   2010 onwards

VW             Sagitar                 CDC+24c32         2007 - 2010

VW             Sagitar                 NEC+24c32/64   2010 - 2014

VW             Tiguan                 MM9s12 1m80f

VW             Tiguan                 NEC+24c32/64   Up to 2012

VW             Tiguan                 NEC+9s320         2009 - 2014

VW             Touran                 CDC+24c32         2009 - 2014

VW             Touran                 NEC+24c32/64   2011 - 2015

VW             Santana               NEC3sxx              2013 - 2015

VW             Gran Lavida          nec3sxx               2014 - 2015

Audi           A1                                                     Up to 2013

Audi           A3                                                     Up to 2013

Audi           TT                                                      Up to 2014

Audi           Q3                                                     Up to 2013

Audi           A6                                                     2006 - 2012

Audi           A4L                                                   2009 - 2014

Audi           Q5                                                     2009 - 2014

Audi           A5                                                     2009 - 2014

Audi           A6L                                                   2012 - 2015 Smart

Audi           A7                                                     2012 - 2015 Smart

Audi           A8                                                     2012 - 2015 Smart

Seat           Ibiza                     NEC+24c32/64      2009 onwards

Seat           Leon                     NEC+24c32/64   2009 on


Models covered on 'all keys lost':

Brand         Model                  System                 Years

VW             Bora                     NEC+9s320         2013

VW             Golf MK6             MC9s12-1m80f  2009 - 2014

VW             Golf MK6              NEC+9s320         2009 onwards

VW             Jetta                    NEC+9s320         2013

VW             Polo                     NEC+9s320         2013 - 2015

VW             Tiguan                 Magneti Dash

VW             Tiguan                 NEC+9s320         2009 - 2014


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