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High Security Front Door Handle - 243mm Long Backplate


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High Security  Front Door Handle - 243mm Long Backplate



- 1 hour fire rated
- High quality
- 243mm long backplate
- Anti-drill resistance with integrated cylinder guard
- Attack resistant
- Easy fitting (self-adhesive tabs)
- Water penetration resistance
- Cylinder and handle snapping protection
- Durable


The High Security Front Door Handle, available at TradeLocks, has a 243mm long backplate and will ensure that your customer's front door is fully protected.

This fit and forget handle is packed with state of the art security features.

It features many security features not found in other high security door handles, including:

Anti-Drill Resistant: An integrated cylinder guard helps protect your customer's door from drilling attacks. The blind cylinder end only makes the plug of the cylinder, helping to protect the pins inside from being drilled.

Easy Fitting and Attack Resistant: Self-adhesive tabs make fitting easy and secure as well as further strengthening the door handle against possible attacks.

Water Penetration Resistant: Self-Adhesive tabs also prevent water from penetrating between the door and handle, preventing corrosion, discolouration and premature aging.

Cylinder and Handle Snapping Protection: The high security door handle has been developed to protect your customer's door from the most common break in methods including cylinder snapping and handle snapping.

The front door handle can be sprung and unsprung, as the spring inside can be easily removed. Each handle is manufactured from aero-space grade aluminium and comes with a 10 years colour fast guarantee.

Available as part of the colour matched suited door hardware, you can easily choose perfectly matched additional door hardware and accessories to complete the coverall exterior look of your customer's home. Select from products including Door Knockers, Door Viewers, Letterplates and Door Numbers and Letters and provide your customer with perfectly complete and matching door options.

Please note: In order for the handle to fit and the cylinder to sit flush against the door, the recommended cylinder size is 65mm. The external side of the cylinder should be 5mm shorter (must use 30/35 or 30/25T cylinder on 44mm doors).



Door Handle Length 243mm
Door Handle Centres 92mm
Distance Between Screw Holes 210mm
Lever Length 130mm
Lever Protrusion 73mm
Backplate Width 33mm