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Instacode is considered the best key data software in the World!

InstaCode contains over 3 billion key codes with new codes added daily. It is a vital tool for any professional locksmith. As lock and key technologies constantly evolve, it is paramount for any locksmith to stay in pace with new developments. InstaCode comes complete with up-todate databases for all key data systems available. WH Software is constantly researching and updating information to ensure you always have access to the most comprehensive information resource.

InstaCode is intuitively designed with clear Windows-based pages. Its comprehensive search engine will guide you directly to the information you require. And you don't even need to have all of the information – InstaCode is smart enough to predict the related keys that fit your search criteria. An indispensable investment With its market-leading features, comprehensive database and relatively low set-up costs, InstaCode is perhaps the most important investment you can make for your business today.

Features Include:

• Cross-referencing for 132 key blank manufacturers and over 70,000 references
• Includes images of key blanks and profiles
• Supports the widest range of key cutting machines
• Produces complete printouts of code series
• Searches for bittings across a range of code series
• Includes a complete ASP catalogue cross-referenced against make and model, with most models featuring colour pictures of the ASP locks and service components
• Storage and retrieval of customer key codes
• InstaCode is manufacturer independent so information is unbiased
• Each package is licensed for installation on three machines at the one company
• InstaCode can be used in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch languages
• Live updates are available periodically via the Internet as new code series and information comes to hand Optional Automotive features to match your business
• Car opening instructions for popular models
• Wafer/Disc locations covering ignition, door, trunk/boot
• Key remote programming procedures for popular models
• Transponder key information and programming techniques The world's best code programme. As a locksmith's tool, InstaCode is without peer for its comprehensivedatabase and sheer simplicity. It is an extremely robust and efficient system that will help you improve your service and greatly enhance your capabilities.

With Instacode you get the latest information on:

• Codes
• Key Blanks
• Cards
• Transponders & key remotes
• Airbags
• Car opening techniques
• ASP replacement products

User-friendly interface 

A clear interface with presentation of space and depth information, flat widths, angles, card number and other relevant key cutting information make Instacode easier to use than any alternative. Stay at the cutting-edge Instacode performs live updates, which periodically checks for new updates via the Internet. It is the best way to keep your database at the cutting-edge of the profession.

Enhance your capabilities

InstaCode is packed with features so your business gains many new opportunities for increasing your service potential. Plus your capabilities can be further enhanced by the addition of optional extra modules such as:

• Automotive module
• Master-Keying module
• Triax module

For a demonstration of InstaCode visit and go to the Instacode tutorials.