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KeyDIY KD-X2 Key Remote Maker

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KeyDIY KD-X2 Key Remote Maker

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Product Code: GL-KEYDIY-X2

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Product Information

KeyDIY KD-X2 Key Remote Maker



- Has a 0.91 inch OLED display screen
Works with the mobile KD app via Bluetooth
Will work with PC software via USB connection (online only functions)
- Works with Android phone/tablet with OTG connection (online only functions)
PS-2 interface for connecting remotes to generate
3 shortcut buttons: chip identification, remote identification and frequency detection
No tokens required for use
Continued free updates from KeyDIY
Compatible with most manufacturer chips on the market e.g. Handy Baby, JMD etc.
Free activation of 96 Bits 48 Transponder Copy

What's in the Box:

1 x KeyDIY KD-X2 Remote Maker
1 x PC Data Cable
3 x KeyDIY Aftermarket Remotes
1 x Remote Data Cable
1 x Spare Remote Data Cable
1 x Instruction Leaflet


The KeyDIY KD-X2 Remote Maker, now available at TradeLocks, has all of the usual KeyDIY functions - and more!

With this fantastic little machine you will be able to produce new car key remotes - token free - via your mobile phone! Simply install the Mobile KD app on your phone and connect it to KD-X2 via Bluetooth.

Download the Mobile KD app:


With the app you'll also be able to access and download FREE device firmware and remote data updates. 

The KD-X2 has three functional shortcut buttons: transponder chip identification to help choose the correct chip to programme, remote identification to help take the guess work out of the choice to programme and frequency detection which can also be used to check remote buttons are functioning correctly. 

The device is also capable of ignition coil detection which will allow you to check if the car itself is sending out a signal (fault testing).

One of the biggest advantages of the KD-X2 is that it is compatible with most manufacturer chips on the market including Handy Baby, JMD, CN, VVDI etc. This gives you the opportunity to save money whilst being able to cover a high number of vehicles.



How to Register your KD-X2:

Registering your new KD-X2 Key Remote Maker is as easy as 1, 2, 3! You'll need to use your phone number (see image below):

If you cannot get a verification code use the following: 20090923.


Basic Functions:

Wired generation
Wireless generation
Mobile phone simulation
Garage door generation
Infrared detection
Access card copy
Fixed code remote copy
Online HCS remote copy
Online chip copy (48 chip of 96 bits, 46 chip, 4D chip, Toyota chip etc.)
Chip generation
Chip editing
Chip simulation
Ignition coil detection
Remote data backup
Additional functions will be available in succession 


Please Note: The KeyDIY KD-X2 copies 96 bit (only) ID48 chips (not the full range).

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