Keyline Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Mini)

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The Keyline Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Decryptor Mini)

The Keyline Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Decryptor Mini, also known as Ultegra Mini) is the Keyline Intelligent Cloner that clones over 90% of vehicles on the market. And when it comes to ID48 chips, its average cloning time is only 2 minutes!


Clone your way:

  • Use a Glass chip to fit into Pod Keys, KeyDIY Remote or OEM keys
  • Use a carbon chip to fit into Pod Keys, KeyDIY Remote or OEM keys
  • Use an electronic Head to fit into a fixed blade Horseshoe
  • Generate Ford Fixed Blade remotes for both Tibbe and HU101
  • Generate Emergency keys for Nissan, BMW and Nissan
  • Clones to ID33 via a T5 chip
  • Clones to ID41, 42, 44, 45 via a Carbon TK50 chip or TK50 Electronic Head
  • Clones to ID4c, 4D, ID46 via a GK100 Glass chip or TK100 Electronic Head
  • Clones to ID48 Megamos via a GKM Glass Chip or TKM Electronic Head

This is the perfect choice for automotive professionals and also for key cutters, car key cloners or even beginners as its updating process is very quick and it is also very simple to use. You just need to connect it to your tablet with a USB port, or you can connect it to a PC Windows (version 7 and subsequent versions) with Internet connection. Alternatively you can download the Keyline Cloning Tool mobile app on an Android smartphone and start the process of transponder-equipped car key cloning without the need to press any buttons or without connecting to a power outlet:


Click on the image below to download the free update of Keyline Software which allows you to use the GK100 Glass Transponder Chip on the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi. To update the App just make the update required by the App.


Don't have an android smartphone or no internet connection on your laptop? No need to worry! 

It is possible to turn your other smartphones i.e. iPhones, into personal Internet hotspots. If you are out on the road at a job you can then connect your laptop to the Internet using your personal hotspot:

Once you have your hotspot name, connect your laptop to wifi as you would normally, selecting the hotspot name to connect to.

Brand New Features:

1 - Clone-2-Process™ - You can disconnect from the server and it will continue tio process the key and when the key is ready you will get an e mail! When it's ready it will take under a minute to finish the key!

2 - Clone-AutoConnect™ - The system will now always remember where you are in the cloning process even if your phone stops half way through. When you reconnect you dont have it start all over again!

3 - Keyline Multi-Clone™ - A new icon will allow you to start a new key whilst you are waiting for the other one to finish so it has a multiple key option now.


The led lights incorporated on the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi let the user know of the different phases of the cloning procedure. And the interface displayed on the screen of the tablet, smartphone or PC shows the user the entire process, making it an easy system to use everywhere.

So what are the Keyline Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi main benefits?

  • For key cutters and car key cloners: the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi is a cheap kit to get ID48 cloning and a lot of the cars covered are still around. After four jobs it pays for itself and it is a huge job count you can add to your services for very little
  • If you are an auto locksmith: getting a pin code on some older models can be time consuming and sometimes impossible, and so a clone option keeps you the job
  • For new starts: the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi gives you a complete cloning package that clones the keys of over 90% of cars on road and for a quarter of the price of its nearest rival. It also offers the exclusive ID48 cloning and so far more cloning possibilities than any other cloner for a fraction of the cost
  • With ID48 coverage, it pays back in four jobs
  • It adds the lucrative ID48 cloning to what you currently offer
  • It offers the same cloning coverage as other super cloners but at a quarter of the price
  • It is cheap and reliable: it is a bargain even if you just use it for ID48 cloning



Power Supply 5V
External Connections USB
Absorption 500mA
Connectivity USB
Dimensions Width: 120 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Height: 90 mm
Weight 200 gr

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