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Keyline Electronic Heads


Keyline Electronic Heads

Keyline is a global company recognised for the design and production of keys and also mechanical and electronic key cutting machines. Part of Bianchi 1770 Group, this innovative company is the leader in transponder car keys and develops new products and service solutions for security specialists.

If you always want to be ready to offer your customers an efficient service, we recommend that you also have in stock a range of electronic heads, like the Keyline RK60 or TK50 Electronic Heads, a batteryless solution for duplicating the Philips Crypto code Transponder. We also have other products available, such as the TKM and the TK100 Electronic Heads coverage, designed to be used with the Bianchi 884 Ultegra machine.

TradeLocks offers a range of Keyline products at incredible prices, from key cutting machines and accessories to key cloners, horseshoe keys, pod car keys and many more. So browse through our numerous options and pick the product that best suits your needs.

Whether you are looking to add auto services to your current locksmith services list or focus entirely on vehicles, the TradeLocks Auto Locksmith Tools range will help you become the best in your trade. Even the highest training and experience cannot help improve your business if you are not prepared with the right professional auto locksmith tools.

We work with some of the most popular brands and manufacturers of locksmith auto tools that are focused on vehicles that are most commonly found in the United Kingdom. We ship all of our high quality tools to Scotland, Ireland, and of course Great Britain. Our goal is to give every professional the opportunity to arm themselves with the best lock tools on the market so as to continuously grow in their trade and bring in more profit on their investment.