Keyline GKM Glass Transponder Chip (ID48, ID13)

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Keyline GKM Glass Transponder Chip (ID48, ID13) 

Tradelocks aims to bring you the most recent products and the latest technology available for the auto locksmith. Keyline’s proven experience with transponder cloning technology has led to many accomplishments in automotive products, including the recently released GKM Glass Transponder Chip.

The GKM Glass Transponder Chip, part of the Micro Series, covers a vast range of vehicles and can exclusively clone the transponder Megamos Crypto (ID48) and also fixed code (ID13).

One of the characteristics that makes the GKM Glass Transponder Chip unique is that there is no need for additional tools like batteries for it to work, meaning that it has an unlimited operation life. This glass chip is also rewritable, which can be done an unlimited number of times without affecting the functionality of the cloning.

These transponder chips are fully compatible with Keyline cloning devices, including the 884 Decryptor Mini and BI884 Ultegra, and are also very simple to use: just insert the GKM Glass Transponder Chip in the Pod Key or in the Keyline TK electronic heads and start cloning with these devices.

And in order to clone Megamos® Crypto transponders you just need to activate your 884 Decryptor Mini and BI884 Ultegra with the TKM Xtreme Kit, also available at Tradelocks.

Click on the image below to download the free update of Keyline Software which allows you to use the GKM on the 884 Decryptor Mini and BI884 Ultegra devices. To update the App just make the update required by the App.