Keyline Ninja Dark Key Cutting Machine ( semi automatic flat key copying)

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The Keyline Ninja Dark

Tradelocks is pleased to introduce you the Ninja Dark, Keyline’s new key cutting machine that promises to revolutionise the way locksmiths work.

Ninja Dark is a high-precision automatic duplicating machine and it is perfect for key cutting shops and trade counters. It does not only cuts a perfect key with maximum precision and reliability and with no skills required but it also looks fantastic and it will certainly impress your customers. One of the most visible features that differentiate this machine from any other Keyline machines is the black back cover, usually red, hence the name Ninja Dark.

With the Ninja Dark you will be able to perfectly cut by copy edge cut keys (single and double sided) with only a few steps. You simply have to insert the keys and press the quick-copy button and Ninja Dark will take care of the rest. It includes a LED lit work area, gauge control and also micrometric and scaled system of tracer point calibration to allow depth adjustment. The Ninja Dark has compact dimensions and its Widia 63mm cutter reaches 2000rpm, making its speed of duplicating unrivalled.

The machine comes with four different jaws which are very easy to change:

Jaw A: This is the most common setting of jaws, used for 80% of the keys you cut;

Jaw B: Used when there is a very deep cut on the cylinder key;

Jaw C & D: Used for double edged car keys in particular.

There are always concerns about health and safety when using a key cutting machine but with Ninja Dark you can relax. The machine will only work if the lid is down – so no goggles or other personal protective equipment needed – and if someone tries to open the lid while it is working it will stop immediately. You can also tell the quality of the cutting from the swarf it leaves, which is very soft, almost like dust, when compared with normal ones that are quite big and rough.

Ninja Dark is exclusive to Tradelocks in the UK. There are no requirements for maintenance, except for cleaning, and it comes with a complete 2 year warranty. If you are impressed with this machine like we are and how easy and safe it is to use, don’t miss this deal and start improving your business with this ‘money making’ key cutting machine.



Power Supply 230V 50 Hz / 110V 60 Hz / 100V 50-60Hz
Electronic Equipment High resolution axes control
External Connections 1 RS232 serial port
Lighting LED - lighted cutting bay
Movements / Axes 2 stepper motor-operated axes
Jaws 4 faces (more jaws are available for specific markets)
Gauge Automatic gauge unlock through the movement of the axes
Motor Asynchronous; 0.18 KW
Cutter In Widia ø 63 mm
Cutter Speed 2000 rpm
Absorption 250 W (15 W in stand-by)
Dimensions Width: 340 mm
Depth: 415 mm
Height: 300 mm
Weight 20 Kg




Power Supply DC 24V (fed by the key cutting machine)
User Interface 7'' industrial colour touch screen, 16:10, resolution 800x480 px, VGA