Keyline Ninja Laser Key Cutting Machine (Laser and Edge keys with 3 Jaws - A+C, B, D) with UNIQUE RENAULT PHASE 3, 4 BUTTON ADAPTOR

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The Keyline Ninja Laser Key Cutting Machine

The Keyline Ninja Laser Key Cutting Machine was created to better address the need of professionals to have a machine that could ensure unique key cutting performances and high quality products. The Ninja Laser does that by combining mechanical and electronic precision, using an end milling cutter and a double speed prismatic cutter, allowing it to efficiently cut laser keys, door and automotive edge cut keys and also Tibbe keys, either by code, decode or depths.

The Keyline Ninja Laser Key Cutting Machine, with a power supply of 230V-50Hz, has an AC jaw with one clamping system to cut the majority of the laser keys existent in the market. This revolution expands the extensive range of jaws (from the Tibbe systems to the four sided functional jaws for door and automotive edge cut keys), making Ninja Laser the standard key cutting machine for duplicating edge cut door keys and every model of automotive keys currently in the market.

The Ninja Laser machine has a functional and modern design that guarantees maximum ergonomics, allowing it to be used in all work places. Its modern color interface is simple, making complex operations very simple to learn. With the Liger software, developed by Keyline, the Ninja Laser stands out from other machines for its ability to process every cutting system and easily obtain software updates.


We have also included our adaptor for Renault Phase 3, 4 Button Card Key developed by UAP Tradelocks, and printed using our own 3D Printing facility here in the UK.

The new adaptor works with the Ninja Laser software to give you added functionality. On the Ninja Laser it allows you to select Renault Modus or Clio 3 using the 1234Q5678H series. The adaptor raises the key by the 1mm necessary for the deeper 1 sided cut on these card keys whilst cutting as a Clio or Modus from the menu.
The extra coverage is as follows
Renault Clio 2014 onwards 
Laguna Ph3 2008 to 2012
Megane Ph3 2009 to 2015
Scenic   Ph3 2009 to 2015
Captur from start of production
Koleos from 2009 to current model
And with the most recent software update (version 2.27.0 - 1.79) the Ninja Laser can now cut and decode Renault keys (Instacode cards 1125 and 1126). This update, which is the first in the market, also includes the new emergency key that is cut with the adaptor AD01 / AD04, and associated to the following models:

Captur 2013
Clio 2014
Koleos 2009
Laguna 2007
Megane 2009
Scenic 2009 


Power Supply 230V 50 Hz / 110V 60 Hz / 100V 50-60Hz
Electronic Equipment Mainboard with ARM Cortex A8 CPU, 256 MB RAM, NAND 1 GB memory, high resolution axes control
External Connections 2 USB 2.0 ports; 2 RS232 serial ports; 1 LAN port
Key Reading / Decoding System Electric contact
Lighting LED - lighted cutting bay
Movements / Axes 2 stepper motor-operated axes
Absorption 250W (35W in stand-by)
Dimensions Width: 340mm / Depth: 415mm / Height: 300mm
Weight 20 kg


  Flat Key Side Laser Key Side
Jaws 4 faces (supplementary jaws are available for specific markets) Jaw AC (B, D)
Gauge Automatic gauge unlock through the movement of the axes  
Motor Asynchronous, 0.18 KW DC electronic motor
Cutter In Widia ø 63 mm End milling cutter ø 2,5 mm
Cutter Speed 1500-3000 rpm (variable speed according to the programmes) 6000 rpm



Power Supply DC 24V (fed by the key cutting machine)
User Interface 7'' industrial colour touch screen, 16:10, resolution 800x480 px, VGA, quick duplication button


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