Door and Window Security Lockable Window Lock (Sash Jammer) in Brown


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TradeLocks offers a number of great door and window security options, but certainly one of the most effective at a budgeted price is the Lockable Window Lock (Sash Jammer). Though simple and small, it is an effective way to deter even professional burglars and intruders from entering your home. At a time when burglaries are on the rise taking small steps to ensure home security is key to keep intruders out and your family safe.

Window security lockable window locks (sash jammers) can be installed to prevent any uPVC door or window from being opened. Once the securing arm is positioned over the frame of the window or door the levering door leaf or sash cannot be levered. And a key can then be used to lock the sash jammer in place, making sure that no one will be able to accidentally unlock the sash jammer from the inside. This also means that even if the burglar is able to unlock your door or window they are unable to open it. Generally once they see that there are window locks (sash jammers) installed or once they have spent time to unlock said door or window and find that they still cannot open it they will move onto the next home.

Installing window security and special security door hardware in your home and especially on the ground floor is essential. For added security and peace of mind you can install multiple lockable window locks (sash jammers) on a single window or door, this can be done on certain windows which are in the darkest areas of your yard which make for great hiding spots for intruders to try and come into your home.

Home security is TradeLocks specialty. We offer a number of great options for door and window security. This particular high quality lockable window lock (sash jammer) is a great option that can fit any budget and a great way to secure both doors and windows regardless if they open in or out.

The window security Lockable Window Lock (Sash Jammer) comes complete with instructions and all necessary hardware to make installation fast and simple. Easily install it onto your window or door and make your home more secure and safer for you and your family.

If you have questions regarding installation and use feel free to contact us and one of our trained specialists will helps you every step of the way.

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