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MAX6 Cylinder Gauge - Lock Measurer

Though we know that as a professional locksmith you have all the necessary lock tools and knowledge to determine the ideal cylinder lock required for a particular door we are almost sure your clients do not which is why we offer the easy to use Cylinder Gauge in packs of 10. This is a great inexpensive product which you can sell right out of your shop to customers looking to do the cylinder lock fitting by themselves but are looking to purchase the right cylinder from your shop. Help them select the right cylinder size with this great product. 


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MAX6 Cylinder Gauge - Lock Measurer

Get it Right the First Time with a Cylinder Gauge

Though your services may not required at all times your customers will certainly be coming to your shop for recommendations, tools, and products which will help them tackle a job themselves. This means that if you want to keep them as future customers the best way to impress them is by offering them tools to help them get the job done right.

The Cylinder Gauges available at TradeLocks are developed for homeowners looking to choose a cylinder lock for their home but do not have the tools or knowledge of how to select a cylinder. Whether they do not have the funds to call you over for the service or if they have their heart set on doing the job themselves the Cylinder Gauge is the only tool that will help them every step of the way.

Sold in sets of 10 units the Cylinder Gauge options are two, the UAP and MAX6MUM SECURTY range. Both come with instruction on how to best use the lock tool and will help you keep them as customers buying your products even if you do not offer the service. Allowing quick and easy measurement of the cylinder while it is still on the door your clients will be able to get accurate measurements which will help prevent an overhanging cylinder or mismatched sizes.

Whether you are looking to purchase a set of 10 for yourself to always have on hand when on a job or would like to sell them to customers that have their heart set on replacing the cylinder themselves the Cylinder Gauge is the ideal lock tool. Very easy to assemble and use each comes with full instructions to ensure that the measurement is perfect every time. 

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