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MAX6 Letterboxes

MAX6 Letterboxes

We are very proud to announce that our MAX6MUM SECURITY® Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates have been awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Our Secured by Design Anti-Vandal™ Letterplate range consists of our Anti-Vandal™ 10” Letterplates and out Anti-Vandal™ 10” Letterplates. Both of which have a 180 degree opening and a plastic surround and incorporate all the following features.

Firstly, our letterplates have an anti-snap flap, due to the fact they can open to 180 degrees. This is a massive advantage as the internal water seal prevents water from getting into the door or panel, and the ultra-flexible springs are able to withstand thousands of openings without breaking, which just shows you really are getting value for money.

Secondly our letterplates are Anti-Vandal™ meaning they prevent vandals placing unwanted items in the cavity which prevents unnecessary accidents from happening.

We are also happy to claim that our letterplates are anti-burglar and have an anti-scratch frame as well. The construction of the letterplates prevents the outer frame from being unscrewed from the door externally, and the matt coated frame is able to conceal any scratches which could occur during installation, reassuring you that your letterplate will stay looking tidy and secure.

It is therefore easy to see that our letterplates are a great value for money seeing as though they look good and are able to stand the test of time.

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