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MAX6 Window Security


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MAX6 Window Security

Highest Quality Home Window Security from Max6mum Security

Our MAX6MUM SECURITY® Window Security range consists of the best quality Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictors and our Sash Jammers at the most competitive prices.  Both of these products are very quick to install as well as low cost security additions for the home. Little to no skill is required when installing either product, as each pack comes with step by step fitting instructions The Sash Jammer can be fitted to any PVC window or door, whilst the Max6mum Security restrictor can be fitted to any window or door type in just minutes.

Both products are simple and quick ways of providing extra security in your home and to your family which eliminate the risk of potential thieves coming through your windows, or your children from falling out of the window. Sleep sounder at night and feel more comfortable knowing your home is safe when you are away.

Both products also come with a one year mechanical guarantee meaning any faults or issues detected in the first year will be dealt with. With the Royal Association for the Prevention of Accidents reporting that each year over 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall out of a window, it seems silly not to invest in these products for your home. Prevent unnecessary accidents using our simple, affordable and effective solutions. The world outside is a curious place for young children, toddlers, and even young pre-teens. From simple curiosity and leaning out of easy to open windows children can get seriously hurt, regardless if the window is on the ground floor or higher. The danger is there none the less.

So why take the risk? Make your windows child and thief safe with the MAX6MUM SECURITY® Baby and Child Window-Safe Restrictor and Sash Jammer. Taking a step towards a safer and more secure home is easy and inexpensive. Knowing that you are and truly feeling safe and secure will have lasting effects not only on the way your family enjoys the comfort of your home, but how you sleep at night as well.

Trade Locks offers a wide range of high quality security solutions for your home and business to help you sleep sounder at night. Browse the numerous great products on our website to find more Max6mum Security products as well as many more trusted and highly effective mechanisms that will help guarantee safety and security both in your home and business.

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