Mortice Lock Overlifter Picks

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Mortice Lock Overlifter Picks

Mortice Lock Overlifter Picks

There are different types of domestic locksmith tools and the Overlifter Picks are one that you should always have with you. TradeLocks has a great Overlifter range of picks which are a great way to lift all the pins of a lock simultaneously rather than lifting each individually. They require more training and experience but get faster results. Do bear in mind that overlifter picks are generally much more delicate than standard picks due to their shape and manufacturing so you must be gentle with them and use the appropriately to avoid causing damage to the lock tool or breaking it altogether.

Most professional locksmiths choose overlifter picks because they are essentially a faster and easier way to defeat mortice locks. They are a great choice for those that are ready to take the next step in their professional trade and work towards improving their business. These picks however, are used primarily for standard locks which don’t have any special security features and can easily and quickly provide you with results. You can always depend on the effectiveness and high quality of the lock tool and be able to take on the jobs which clients call you on.

The TradeLocks family works hard to provide professional locksmiths throughout the UK the highest quality and most reasonable priced domestic locksmith tools so as to ensure that they are always ready, always growing, and at the top of their trade. We understand that the only way to achieve success in this industry is with the right tools which not only last longer and work effectively but tools that make the job faster and easier so as to save time and be able to take on more jobs.

Special tools like the Mortice Lock Overlifter Picks are a great way to open common mortice locks faster and easier. We offer these and many more great domestic locksmith tools for professionals in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain with the goal to ensure that every locksmith has an opportunity to take on any job. Working with high quality and trusted brands we help stock your professional locksmith toolbox with tools that will aid in every job you are called to and thus help you get one step ahead of the competition.

*Please note as these tools are very delicate and the nature of how they are manufactured we are not able to allow returns or refunds if they are broken during use.