Nigel Tolley

When it comes to destructive as well as non-destructive entry the first name that first comes to mind is the professional locksmith Nigel Tolley who has developed his impressive Plug Puller for the TradeLocks Signature Range. With over 10 years as a professional locksmith and non-destructive entry specialist he is certainly the go-to professional when it comes to the ultimate design of lock tools that will work time and again. 

Nigel Tolley

Nigel Tolley TradeLocks Signature Range 

Nigel Tolley is well known in the locksmith trade as a professional that has the solutions for common setbacks that locksmiths face on a regular basis with standard domestic locksmith tools. As times change so do the variety of locks and overall security features of said locks, which means that domestic locksmith tools need to be updated accordingly. The one person that is always there to catch the changes that need to be made is Nigel Tolley.

The TradeLocks Signature Range features the Nigel Tolley Cylinder Plug Puller that has been designed to offer sheer force and ensure success. Offered in a very portable and organized case the Plug Puller offers exactly what every professional locksmith needs if they work with cylinder locks. There are numerous essentials while you are on the field and this is certainly one of them.

Nigel Tolley is not only a professional locksmith that has done a lot for the professional locksmith world but is also a former aerospace engineer. Designing professional domestic locksmith tools and accessories is what made his name popular in the locksmith community as each is designed and manufactured in order to ensure a higher success rate as well as overcome common issues in both function and comfort that standard lock tools have.

TradeLocks has become a household name among professional locksmiths throughout the UK. We strive not only to offer a variety of high quality tools at different price ranges but also work towards providing you with a fantastic Signature Range options that will help you grow in your trade and continuously increase your profits. Finding high value for money lock tools is an essential part to success as you will be depending on them to work so focus on tools that are both effective as well as durable. Find this and numerous other products developed for professional locksmiths at TradeLocks and contact us if you are looking for something specific and cannot find it. Our goal is to help you succeed and will provide you with the necessary domestic locksmith tools to do so.