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Peterson Picks and Tools

Peterson Picks and Tools

Variety and Quality with Peterson’s Picks and Tools

Nothing says quality like Peterson’s and our collection of Peterson’s Picks and Tools is nothing short of perfection. TradeLocks has put together a fantastic array of choices for both auto and domestic locksmiths suitable for both the hobbyist and professional so that you will find everything you need.

We have a great collection of picks from Peterson’s so you can pick and choose the lock tool to complete your toolbox or you can simply choose one of the great handpick sets put together by Peterson’s to ensure you have everything you need. The extractors range offers plenty of variety as well with tools crafted of high quality steel that feature innovative designs to ensure effectiveness, speed, comfort, and durability. You will also find an array of ByPass Tools, Bump Hammers, and Re-Pinning Tools for a variety of locks.

If it’s time to restock your locksmith toolbox or if you are looking to add some new items to it, Peterson’s is the perfect choice.

Peterson’s is based in the USA and all lock tools are developed and manufactured there. Well known for being one of the best precision lock picking tools and accessories manufacturer in the world, Peterson tools focus on individual professional locksmith requests and concerns in order to develop tools to overcome common problems on the field with standard lock tools. All Peterson’s Picks and Tools are designed and developed with the locksmith in mind and are crafted only of high quality materials to ensure that over time the locksmith saves money as they are more durable and effective than all others on the market.

TradeLocks is a licensed distributor of Peterson’s tools and ensures that each tool offered is genuine and high quality. Their popularity has spread far and wide which has made it difficult to find original Peterson’s lock tools as there are many inferior counterfeits which may look identical but are inferior in both design and quality. TradeLocks is now making the quality of Peterson’s tools available to professional and hobby locksmiths in Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland.

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