Pickbuster 5 Lock Pack Display Case (12 units)

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Pickbuster 5 Lock Pack Display Case (12 units)


This fantastic Counter Display unit has been specially designed to give maximum impact to your counter top sales. The pack will fit on all Counters and shelves and the sales presenter card is aimed to gain maximum public awareness.

The Problem
Pickbuster® has been designed to be a cheap upgrade to existing cylinder locks, protecting them from lock bumping. Lock bumping is a method of entry using a special bump key that is placed into a cylinder lock, pulled back one notch or click, and then struck firmly with a heavy object. This method causes the pins in the cylinder to vibrate up and down, and tricks the cylinder into opening, thinking the correct key has been inserted.
Many new cylinders have anti-bump features built into them; however, there are still a lot of homes that rely on cheaper budget cylinders which have very little protection. The massive problem apart from burglars being able to gain entry to homes is that it is very difficult to determine whether a house has been broken into via lock bumping, due to lack of forensics – No damage, no prints, and the goods are still gone!
Due to this lack of evidence, insurance companies often refuse to pay out compensation, as due to no forensic evidence they believe that you have simply left your door unlocked, so insurance policies become void.
The Solution
Pickbuster® is a specially designed solution which is inserted into old locks to make them anti-bump. A high tack lubricant is applied into the cylinder via the key entrance. This coats the pins in the cylinder with the lubricant. When someone tries to bump the cylinder, the pins do not vibrate as much, meaning that the cylinder cannot be tricked into opening.
Pickbuster® is very easy to install, and each pack comes with enough solution to do 5 locks.
Watch the video in the video tab to see what Pickbuster can really do!


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