Promaster 7 - With Inline Module & 1 Year Maintenance (1 User)

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Simplified data entry ProMaster 7 features predictive key and door numbers so creating even large master key systems is quick and simple.

You can even import directly from an Excel spreadsheet, or a text file. The user interface is easy to understand with clear graphics and data field information. Professional reports ProMaster Master-Keying 7 generates professionally designed reports that are clear and concise with consistent layouts, allowing for simplified information sharing of the master-key system.

ProMaster 7 advantage:

ProMaster Master-Keying 7 keeps a full history of all key orders, who authorised the order, and the staff member who processed them – all vital information that can be recalled in seconds when needed. The system makes it easy to log:

• Dates and times when keys are cut
• When doors are pinned or re-keyed
• When authorised signatories are added or changed

Every aspect of your master key management is recorded and can be printed out or emailed to your client. ProMaster Master-Keying 7 can even record non-keyed hardware (hinges, door closer, etc) for each door.

Standardised reporting formats:

To make information sharing seamless, ProMaster Master-Keying 7 exports reports as PDF files.

Automatic coding:

Even the most complex master key systems are simple to code using ProMaster Master-Keying 7.  With its unique calculation algorithms, it automatically assigns codes and guarantees that they are phantom (ghost key) free.

Design any master key system:

ProMaster Master-Keying 7 designs all standard inline master key systems as well as Abloy Classic, Abloy Disklock, Abloy Protec, BiLock, Binary Plus, EVVA DPE, Galaxy, Kaba Expert, Kaba Gemini, Kaba Quattro, Medeco Biaxial, MG, Mottura Champions and Mul-T-Lock MT5 among others.

Matrix and tree-based coding:

ProMaster Master-Keying 7 automatically generates matrix (for large and complicated selective systems) and tree based coding (for standard hierarchical systems).

Intelligent features:

ProMaster Master-Keying 7 has an array of useful features that improve security and enhance operational efficiency:

• Background phantom checking
• Auto key head colour assignment
• A variety of display options for flexibility of key codes
• Powerful assistants to guide complex operations
• Simple modification to match your individual requirements
• Supports multi-profile and rotating constants
• Comprehensive support for the rules of each lock system Seamless integration ProMaster Master-Keying 7 is designed to download directly to all popular key machines and makers:
• Silca Unocode and Ultracode
• Silca Triax
• Silca QuattroCode
• Silca Leonardo
• ITL 9000
• Orion EMC200
• HPC CodeMax and Blueshark
• Silca Marker 2000 (for key and cylinder making)
• Galaxy
• Custom manufacturing interfaces Check our website for the latest lock systems and machine additions as we are integrating new features regularly

Teamwork is key:

ProMaster Master-Keying 7 runs on both local and wide area networks (LAN or WAN) and can support any number of users at once. It even allows multiple users to work at the same time on the same system.

Security access rights:

To ensure complete system security, your administrator can set up rights for authorised staff to access specific areas of ProMaster Master-Keying 7 – such as data entry, coding and manufacturing. You may even restrict who can access particular master key systems!