Safe Locksmith Tools


Safe Locksmith Tools

Safe Locksmith Tools for the Professional

The Safe Locksmith Tools range comes in handy as professional locksmiths are called not only for domestic or auto locks but safes as well. By turning to TradeLocks you will find not only the commonly met lock tools for vehicles or homes but also a fantastic range that is catered towards professionals that work towards expanding their services or focus entirely on safes. Services for safes are regularly sought after as their keys are often very small and with this extra service you could easy get a nice flow of customers on a regular bases just with referrals. More training will be required but it will be well worth it.

Our safe locksmith tools range is developed especially for defeating a variety of safe and security box locks. If you are already a professional that regularly works with locksmith tools whether it be auto or domestic locks then you will be familiar with most of the lock tools developed for safes. Safe tools don’t differ much from those that you may already work with, they are simply developed for smaller locks and have additional features so as to enable you to reach and manipulate the lock. Available in our Safe Locksmith Tools range you will find a variety of picks such as the TradeLocks 3G Extended 2in1 Pick which is also available in 2G, 7G, 7G Pipe Pick, and the 9G. These picks have been designed for precision and developed for durability and ease of use thus helping you defeat the lock faster and easier. We also offer these picks in a set where you will get all of them in a compact and easy to carry box that will keep them all organized and in place. If you want to take your services a step further consider the Chris Belcher Taper Pin Set for Safe Repairs which will help you further get into the niche of services safes. For a more specific tool we recommend the CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI developed specifically for the La Gard 2200 Safe.

TradeLocks will help you choose the most suitable Safe Locksmith Tools to help you either complete your toolbox or start working with safes in the future. We work with top brands in the industry, like Chris Belcher, in order to provide you only the best the market has to offer. With fast and secure shipping to Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland our goal is to ensure that every professional has the ability to grow in their trade and continuously offer new services to their clients.