Securefast Mortice Lock Impressioning Set

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Securefast Mortice Lock Impressioning Set


Suitable for:
Old style dead lock
Old style sash lock
Newer 2004+ dead lock
Newer 2004+ sash lock

Set includes:
x1 pot of grease
x1 make up key
x1 set of hardened steel pins
x10 reader keys (5 for left mounted lock, 5 for right mounted lock)
x1 set of tweezers
x1 instructional DVD
x2 decode charts


As a professional locksmith the Securefast Mortice Lock Impressioning Set from TradeLocks is a must have on all jobs. Having the right tools at hand when out on a job is key to getting the job done faster and easier, all the while impressing your customers with how well you are prepared.

If you are faced with common mortice locks on a regular basis and need something to help you get temporary replica keys made faster and easier this is the tool for you. This full service set comes with absolutely everything necessary from the first to the last step of making a temporary replica key. Suitable for both the old style Dead and Sash locks as well as the new 2004+ Securefast Sash and Dead locks you can easily conquer any mortice lock that comes your way.

What’s fantastic is that the set comes in a professional, durable and very attractive aluminium case which ensures that all your lock tools are held in position with rubberised fillings, preventing them from getting disorganised or damaged during transit. Each lock tool and accessory is labelled clearly so once you open the case you will find everything you need easier and faster. The whole set in general screams quality, not only visually but it has been developed and manufactured for longevity and ease of use so you can get your job done within 2-3 minutes.

Once you receive your Securefast Lock Impressioning Set from TradeLocks you can start practicing right away with the help of the step-by-step and easy to follow instructional DVD. Even if you’ve never done impressions or created replica keys, you will be able to quickly catch on and the investment will pay itself off in no time at all.


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