TL 5 Pin Anti Drill Cylinder - 35/45 (80mm) - Brass


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Budget TradeLocks 5 Pin Anti-Drill Cylinder Far from Budget Quality

The TradeLocks Brass 5 Pin Anti-Drill Cylinder 35/45 (80 mm) is a great choice for any professional looking to keep their price at budget yet ensure high quality door security. Developed specifically for Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain this cylinder lock is among a variety of cylinders available yet priced perfectly and jam packed with numerous security features.

Home security starts with door security and when working with your clients its essential to offer them not only hardware within their budget but hardware that will be effective in preventing break-ins. This fantastic cylinder lock is a great choice as not only is it priced to fit just about any budget but it has so many security features that it’s difficult to tell it from high priced Euro cylinders on the market.

Featuring Anti-Pick Mushrooms to prevent the most common method of breaking in as well as Anti Drill pins which assure that drilling isn’t an option with anything but a special locksmith drill it is equal if not better than most on the market today. Another fantastic security feature is the Anti Bump Zero Lift Pin System and by far the most impressive detail of these cylinder locks. The patent protected system ensures that the lock is perfectly protected from the most common, most difficult to track, and one of the easiest break-in methods, lock bumping.

Each of the cylinder locks is perfectly polished and is tested time and again to ensure smoothness and ease of use. The TradeLocks 5 Pin Anti-Drill Cylinder locks come with retaining bolt as well as 3 keys to ensure your package is complete.

Technical Features:

Colour: Polished Brass
Type: Double Euro
Size: 80mm
Split: 35/45 (30-10-40)

Professional locksmiths throughout the UK regularly turn to TradeLocks with requests to develop new and improved home security solutions and door hardware as they are well aware of our high quality designs, manufacturing, and overall low prices. Finding a cylinder lock to fit your clients taste, door security requirements, and price may be difficult especially if you are taking on a big job which requires numerous changes and security installations. These Euro cylinder locks are ideal not only for individual clients but also are a fantastic option for locksmiths working with housing associations, new construction, public works, and any other program or company that requires high volume lock installation.

Each TradeLocks Polished Brass 5 Pin Anti-Drill Cylinder Euro Lock is developed and manufactured under close control and examination to ensure that each produced product is of highest quality and operates smoothly. Striving to provide professional locksmiths throughout the United Kingdom with a variety of options is what has made TradeLocks the number one supplier.