23 Piece Pick Set

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TradeLocks 23 Piece Pick Set



- Includes 20 different hand picks
- Includes 3 tension tools
- Hand picks suitable for dimple, wafer and auto locks
- Comes in a compact case


All stored and organized in a durable, compact, and easy to clean case the set can be your go to lock tool for all your lock picking needs. Included are a number of pin tumblers and handpicks suitable for dimple, wafer, and auto locks. There are 3 tension tools and 20 different handpicks all with individual slots to stay well organized even during transport. Very handy and reasonably small the set is compact enough to take on all jobs with you.

TradeLocks strives to provide customers with only the highest quality tools and the 23 Piece Pick Set is the ideal choice. The leather case helps not only protect your lock tools but ensures that they all stay together nicely organized. Featuring two individual zip up pockets the leather wallet reflects the high quality tools stored within it. The tools themselves guarantee durability and can withstand not only the everyday use but time as well. As they are import lock opening tools they feature a different range of picks and tools that are usually not found in other conventional handpick sets. There are some very useful and hard to find rakes such as the dimple rake. Within the set there is also an interesting serrated, “bump-like” lock tool. In addition to the uncommon and hard to find rakes and picks within this handpick set are also common and widely used ‘Hook Picks’.

The versatility of this 23 Piece Handpick Set is what makes it a fantastic tool to always have on you. TradeLocks offers this high quality, durable, and versatile lock tool set at an unbeatable price which gives you a lot more value for the money and will surely pay itself off before you know it. Each lock tool stays snug in its place which not only protects it in itself but helps you get the job done faster and easier as you know exactly where everything is before even opening the case. TradeLocks offers secure and fast shipping throughout the UK and ensures that each lock tool offered is handpicked to guarantee quality, durability, and effectiveness.