Legge Yellow Professional Mortice Lock Impressioning Set

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Legge Yellow Mortice Lock Impressioning Set


Suitable for:
- Legge 1645 Mortice Deadlocks
- Legge 2645 Mortice Sashlocks

Set includes:
- x1 Boxed Pin Set
- x1 Pot of Grease
- x1 Spare Pin Set
- x2 Reader Keys (Left & Right)
- x1 Make Up Key
- x1 Pot of Impressioning Powder
- x1 Pot of Plastercine
- x1 Set of Tweezers
- x1 Instruction Manual (on DVD)
- x1 Decode Chart


The Legge Yellow Mortice Lock Impressioning Kit is designed to decode the Legge 1645 deadlock and the 2645 sashlock also commonly known as the Legge contractor lock or the Legge Yellow. Although not a BS3621 lock, it is a popular lock with councils and joinery contractors, so is still seen a lot today!

As always TradeLcoks delivers in the highest quality of professional locksmith tools with this Legge Yellow Mortice Lock Impressioning Set. Shipping around the world, TradeLocks has made a name in the industry as one of the higest quality distibutors of domestic locksmith tools that will make every lcoksmith's job easier and faster. With this impressive set suitable for Legge 1645 deadlocks and 2645 sashlocks you will not only look more professional but will be able to quickly finish the job.

Suitable for most common mortice locks, the Legge Mortice Impressioning Set from TradeLocks features everything you need for a professional impression of a mortice lock as well to create a quality temporary replica key. Each tool for every step is labelled so it can easily be found and kept in place with rubberized fittings in the aluminium case. The enture set simply depicts quality, and not only that but it is made of the best materials to ensure durability and long lasting service.

The attractive, durable and easy to clean aluminim case that the set comes in has a special place for every tool necessary to complete the job. Everything is labelled clearly and each container within it is designed to stay exactly in its place during transport. The lock tools are very easy to use and you can review the video provided to see just how simple the overall set is to impression and make a new temp replica key.

What's fantastic is that with the set you get a how to video to ensure that you are using this domestic locksmith tool properly and get the necessary training to do the job faster and easier. Even the highest end mortice locks won't stand in your way and once you've created the makeup key you can simply go to the back of the servie van or your shop and cut a brand new key for your customer from it. Here at TradeLocks we take our job very seriously and focu on providing our customers, whether they be professional or novice locksmiths, high end auto and domestic locksmith tools such as this fantastic Legge Yellow Mortice Lock Impressioning Set.


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