Tradelocks' Letterbox Tool Extension Arm

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TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Extension Arm



- Made from carbon fibre and aluminium
- Lightweight yet durable
- Extend your reach by 21"


If you have invested in the fantastic TradeLocks Letterbox Tool then the Letterbox Tool Extension Arm is a great addition to help you make your job much easier. It's a perfect way to give more use to your Letterbox Tool and will allow you to have more movement and versatility. By turning to TradeLocks for all of your domestic locksmith tools and accessories you, as a professional locksmith, will be able to grow and improve in your trade, thus boosting your customer base and revenue. The lock tools we offer to locksmiths around the world are focused not only on high quality but providing you with the ability to get more return on your investment.

This great attachment will extend the reach of your Letterbox Tool from TradeLocks by 21 inches, thus giving you more to work with and plenty of versatility. The tool itself is made only of the highest quality materials and features numerous options to help you get the job done easier and faster. Just like the Letterbox Tool, the TradeLocks Letterbox Extension Arm is made from the combination of carbon fibre and aluminium which ensure that it is lightweight yet very durable and strong. You can easily attach it to the lock tool and require just seconds to manoeuvre and overcome even the most difficult situation.

Being prepared with the right professional lock tools and accessories will help you grow as a professional in a field where there is a lot of competition. With some training and the right domestic locksmith tools you will be able to defeat any lock you are faced with and grow in your trade. 

Over time TradeLocks has quickly grown into the place to go for high quality yet inexpensive options for all professional locksmiths around the world. It's essential that wherever you are, you're ready to take on any job you are faced with and this can only be achieved with the right type of lock tools. For the best domestic locksmith tools on the market at the most competitive prices turn to TradeLocks, we guarantee that the combination of our knowledge with popular brands and manufacturers in the locksmith world you will be able to find the most suitable lock tool for your needs.


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