Locksmith Training Courses


Locksmith Training Courses

Assured Locksmith Training Courses from TradeLocks

In addition to high quality home security hardware and accessories for your home Tradelocks also offers a collection of professional locksmith training courses at the Genuine Lishi Training Academy. Being a locksmith requires a lot of dedication, concentration, and training which continues on throughout your career. There are several prerequisites to becoming a professional locksmith, whether it’s for residences, businesses, automobiles, or all of the above. An excellent natural dexterity and certainly an interest in electronic and mechanical gadgetry are required. In addition, good public relations and communication skills as well as some carpentry skills and math knowledge are a big plus. 

With quality courses continuously posted on the Tradelocks website you will be able to continuously keep up with the ever-changing development of new products which require new techniques and perception. A continued professional development is necessary in the locksmith trade in order to always stay on top of your game and always be one step ahead and knowledgeable of the newest security products. In addition, you can continuously add new skills and expand your business to more fields with the professional locksmith courses.

With auto locksmith training courses provided by the Genuine Lishi Training Academy you can further increase your monthly income with a small investment and a lot of knowledge gained from the professional trainers and the quality tools available on Tradelocks. You can touch upon every field in the locksmith trade by taking the 8 Day Auto Locksmith Course or focus and specialize in a particular one such as Auto Entry, Genuine Lishi Picking and Decoding, KD900 and Truecode or Tango and SuperVAG Locksmith Training courses.

Tradelocks regularly updates the latest courses available for professional locksmiths and offers corresponding professional tools such as Lishi tools in the United Kingdom. Once you have completed your courses and are ready to take on your new trade to a higher level Tradelocks offers the highest quality locksmith auto tools and much more.

Each of the Tradelocks locksmith courses in the United Kingdom are structured to suit all of your needs with only a small number of spots available to ensure that each person gets the required attention so as to understand everything and really be able to start practicing as soon as they finish the course. The structure of the Lishi Courses and other professional locksmith training courses allow a ‘step by step’ progression and help not only with understanding the profession but the process of practicing it in the real world. With all the necessary locksmith auto tools, Lishi tools, and equipment required to get you started Tradelocks will help you learn and start up a professional business which is always in high demand

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