Yale Professional Mortice Lock Impressioning Set

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Chubb Mortice Lock Impressioning Set


Suitable for:
- Yale 560-562 Screw On Hard Plate and Slider Levers
- Ingersol M50

Set includes:
- x1 Pot of Putty
- x1 Pot of Grease
- x1 Pot of Powder
- x2 Reader Keys
- x1 Make Up Key
- x1 Key Handle
- x1 Set of Hardened Steel Pins
- x1 Set of Tweezers


Despite being older, there are still many Yale 560-562 locks out there in the marekt and Ingersol M50's. And these are really awkward locks to open by picking.

The TradeLocks Mortice Impressioning Set for Yale is the easy answer for this tricky problem. In literally a few minutes you can impression the lock and have a working key which you can then duplicate. Everything organised neatly in one case for creating impressions and creating temporary keys is all you need. Every professional and novice locksmith needs one of these espeically if they are based in the United Kingdom as these are some of the most common locks they will have to work with as they are recommended both by police and insurance companies. This Impressioning Set is truly a fantastic domestic locksmith tool for every professional in the trade.

The case is designed to make the life of any locksmith easer - regardless if they are new in the trade or a professional - as you will be able to get the job done much faster as everything will be well organised in this compact case. Suitable for commone Yale and Ingersol mortice locks found throughout the UK once you have trained with this set you will be able to open even the most difficult mortice locks within 2-3 minutes. The case comes with everythig you will ever need to make a clear impression of these mortice locks and then create a professional temp replica key.

The case itself is made entirely of aluminium and durable enough to withstand being taken from job to job and being thrown around in your service vehicle. Each domestic locksmith tool is clearly labelled and has a specific place within the case and is kept in it due to the rubberzed fillings of the case. The tools are not only made of high quality materials so as to ensure that they are durable but are developed to be easuer to work with and use. Overall the esnture set screams quality and gives you not only a professional look but overall a professional experience.

Turn to TradeLocks for all your domestic locksmith tools and build onto your list of services. Never again ahve to lug around numerous tools or accessories to unlock a Yale mortice lock, simply take this fantastic Yale Mortice Lock Impressioning Set and you are ready to go. Shipping around the world, we focus on providing exceptional customer service alongside high quality lock tools for professionals globally.


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