TS003 Narrow Door Chains - Retail Packaged


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Extra Strong TS003 Narrow Door Chains - CitySafe Retail Packaged



Awarded Secured by Design Approval
- TS003 approved
1 hour fire rated
- Narrow door chain style
- Made from high grade steel
- Individually machine welded links make the chains extra strong
- Exceeds breaking forces of over 2kN (200kg)
- Suitable for every type and door size
- Available in 3 different finishes
- Tested in accordance with DHF TS 003:2012 standards


In today's age, it is essential that not only is a home protected against break-ins, but also against intruders and con-men knocking at the front door. Installing an extra strong door chain in your customer's home not only prevents con-men and intruders from being able to get their foot in the door, but will also give your customers piece of mind.

TS003:2102 is the most up to date specifiaction for door chains and limiters. In order to reach TS003: 2012, a door chain is tested to see if it can withstand the effects of extreme and repeated force and abuse. The door chain is put through tests of both 'attack mode' and 'abuse mode' and if it is still intact after these tests have been carried out it will pass.

The CitySafe TS003 narrow door chain is made extra strong by each link being individually machine welded, and due to this it can exceed breaking forces over 1000N (100kg), with many chains testing up to 4000N (400kg). The industry standard is 500N (50.99kg!).

If you are fixing the narrow door chain to a thin or composite uPVC plastic frame, we recommend that you also use hollow wall anchors to get a good solid fix. The reason for this is that the door frame maybe 2mm thick, so there is not enough material for screws to fix to. The grip spike on the hollow wall fixing creates a good solid fix for the screws, and is also not too big so it won't crack or shatter the plastic. 



Coating Guarantee = 2 Years
Mechanical Guarantee = 2 Years