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UAP 6 Pin Rim Cylinders

After numerous requests for a TradeLocks Rim Cylinders range we deliver! As there are already many options already available on the market we wanted to do something a bit different though, we wanted to revolutionize the rim cylinders and offer something truly effective and quality. After in depth research both on the field, homeowners, and professional locksmiths we developed a rim cylinder like no other. Designed for Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland professionals it’s easily the best of its kind on the market today. 


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UAP 6 Pin Rim Cylinders

TradeLocks 6 Pin Rim Cylinders

Jam packed with numerous features that ensure added door security, easy fitting, and universality the TradeLocks Rim Cylinders are finally here after professionals reached out to us with numerous requests. Features such as the unmatched patented Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, and Anti-Pick are what make the TradeLocks Rim Cylinders by far the best choice for any professional.

Available in Polished Brass or Polished Chrome the rim cylinders not only add onto overall door security but can also be keyed to any of the UAP as well as UAP+ 1*Kitemark cylinders. A part of the UAP line of door security products the TradeLocks Rim Cylinders are super smooth and feature the Chris Belcher designed Anti-Bump Timing Pin system.  What has made this system such a success is that it utilizes Nickel Plated Hardened steel Key Pins as well as driver pins. This allows the rim cylinder to also have Anti-Drill features as the hardened steel pins add further front door security.

The way the patented Anti-Bump Timing Pin system works is that it interrupts the timing of the pins when the cylinder lock is being bumped and has proven to be very effective in ensuring added door security and prevention of the most common break in method. In addition, the TradeLocks Rim Cylinders also have built-in anti-picks as well as mushroom driver pins which ensure that picking is also not a possibility for intruders.

All of these features are packed within one very effective, sturdy, and easy to fit rim cylinder with 6 pins so as to ensure that they can be keyed alike to the UAP and UAP+ cylinder locks range thus making them very universal as well. The cherry on top is that we offer full Master Suiting services for the TradeLocks Rim Cylinders so as to ensure they are not only high security, durable, and universal, but are convenient as well.

The best part is that the TradeLocks Rim Cylinders are not only one of the best options available on the market today, but they are at the best price as well, offering a higher value for money. Why? Because we are TradeLocks and professionals know to turn to us because our goal is to help and ensure that as a professional you are always prepared. 

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