UAP 70mm 1* Kitemarked Budget Child Safe Thumb Turn Cylinder - 35T/35 (30T-10-30) - Chrome

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UAP 70mm 1* Kitemarked Budget Child Safe Thumb Turn Turn Chrome Cylinder - 35T/35 (30T-10-30)



- BSI 1* Kitemarked (KM561977)
Secured by Design approved
Supplied with 3 keys
Special 'D' shaped thumb turn - designed for the elderly, people with arthritis and limited hand movement
Has 6 pins
Patented anti-bum feature
3 anti-pick pins per side
4 hardened steel anti-drill pins per side
Unrestricted keyway makes it easier for customers to get keys cut using the UAP key blank
Over 800,000 different key combinations!
Tested to EN1303:2005


The UAP Standard Security Thumb Turn Cylinder is created in accordance with the British Standards Kitemark and has been awarded Secured by Design by the Association of Police Officers. The high quality 6 pin double Kitemarked euro cylinder can be fitted to any external door in order to ward off criminals that attempt to use the most popular break-in methods.

The thumb turn cylinders have been tested to EN1303:2005 and each cylinder is packed with security features and use the Chris Belcher designed anti-bump timing pin system. This clever system uses nickel plated hardened steel key pins and driver pins which gives an anti-drill feature. The Patented timing pins are designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped. Because special pins are used rather than trap pins there isn't a high cost! The timing pons have inbuilt anti-picks and mushroom driver pins which makes them effective against picking.

The thumb turn is a special 'D' shape. This design makes it easier to operate as it gives a better grip for easier turning. This makes it ideal for the elderly, people who have arthritis or have limited hand movement.

Child Safe System

The UAP Child Safe System is a Patented system where the thumb turn needs to be pushed in by the user first before it will engage and open.

It also means that if a strap is put over the thumb turn from the outside, the thumb turn will just spin - not engage and open.