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UAP Kinetica Key Blank (for 80mm+ Euro Cylinders)


As a domestic locksmith choosing the right keys to have at hand for your customers when they require replacement or new keys is essential. The UAP Kinetica Key Blanks are not only wonderfully priced but offer durability and easy, clean cutting.

These key blanks are suitable for UAP Kinetica 3* Kitemarked 80mm+ Euro Cylinders, making them an ideal choice for your shop and van as they are very versatile and will certainly come in to use on a regular basis.

Being prepared with key blanks for every job is part of being a professional locksmith as you don't want to make your customers wait. Stock up with a wide variety so if someone comes in your shop looking for a replacement or new keys you can offer them a fast service. Designed to provide not only durability for the client these fantastic key blanks also offer ease of manipulation and clean cutting to the locksmith. This is important so you can offer smoothly cut keys that work perfectly.


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