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Our Genuine Lishi line of decoders, picks and direct readers will ensure that you can not only defeat any lock but cut new keys for it as well. However, if you are looking for the most recent and most innovative tools in the Genuine Lishi line, then certainly the Genuine Lishi 2 in 13 in 1Night Vision and also the most recent T3 tools options are at the top of the list.

This range of Genuine Lishi tools for Ford vehicles allows you to cover a wide range of car models and includes the innovative MAZDA Genuine Lishi Night Vision 2 in 1 Pick and Decoder, as well as the FO38, HU101, HU66, NSN11, MAZDA, SIP22 and also NE75 / NE38 Genuine Lishi Night Vision 3 in 1 Picks and Decoders, all incorporating the revolutionary Night Vision technology.

Tradelocks has also available for Ford vehicles the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit and Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Decoder as well as the HU101 (10), HU66 Gen. 1, HU66 Gen. 2, MAZDA and SIP22 Genuine Lishi Picks. Tradelocks also offers a range of NE38 Genuine Lishi 2 in 1 Pick and Decoder as well as SIP22 and HU66 VAG Gen. 1 & 2 Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 Pick/Decoders. So simply select the tools that best fit your needs and you'll be able to easily put together a fantastic toolbox to help you grow in your trade as your list of services grows.

Today, the Genuine Lishi logo is the most recognised Trade Mark in the Auto Locksmith world. Registered as a Trade Mark of UAP Limited, it is guaranteed that the tools you buy from us are sourced from high quality suppliers. If you want tools that work time and time again, and tools that are kept up to date with changes in vehicle designs, then the Genuine Lishi brand is the one for you.

For more information about how to use Genuine Lishi Tools, or to find out which vehicles a tool may pick/decode, please visit or the Genuine Lishi Forum.

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