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Coastal Door Hardware

Coastal Door Hardware

Make a Statement with Nanocoast Door Hardware

Impress your clients by offering them a selection of fantastic door hardware that will look just as perfect as it did the day it was fit onto the door with the TradeLocks Nanocoast Door Hardware range. We understand that the locksmiths that turn to us for everything from locksmith tools to door hardware to offer their clients work in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain where weather conditions corrode and age hardware that has been fit on the exterior of doors. This is why we’ve developed this fantastic line that ensures that whether it is fit on a home near the coast or inland it will withstand the brutal weather conditions.

As a professional locksmith your clients will turn to you with questions not only about the kind of locks that are most suitable to up the overall home security of their homes but also the ideal door hardware most suitable to make a statement yet withstand the brutal weather conditions in the UK. Our Nanocoast Door Hardware range has been specifically designed for homes that are located in heavily polluted and coastal areas in order to ensure that once the front door hardware is fit onto the exterior of the home it lasts. Pollution and salt corrode and tarnish metal coatings quickly however our Nanocoast line is developed to withstand that as they are not only constructed of stainless steel but have been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours. This allows us to offer a 10 year coastal guarantee and ensure lifetime use in any area in the UK.

Available in our Nanocoast Door Hardware line you will find several fantastic products in a wide range of finishes so your clients will have plenty to select from. Choose attractive Nanocoast Door Knockers in the classic Victoria Urn design available in a variety of finishes and options to ensure they can fit your client’s preferences. The fantastic Nanocoast Letterplates on the other hand feature not only long lasting finish that will withstand the harsh elements but numerous security features to ensure vandal and burglar protection. Lastly, your clients will be able to make a statement with their property address with the attractive and durable Nanocoast Hidden Fix Letters and Numerals.

Choosing the best for your clients is essential to providing full service that will be referred over and over again. TradeLocks focuses on offering locksmiths working in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain products that are catered specifically to the UK thus ensuring not only a perfect fit but hardware that can withstand the harsh elements. 

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