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Rack Bolt Sets

There are many ways that you can improve door security but by selecting a quality Rack Bolt Set from TradeLocks you can present your customers with unbeatable results. Currently available in this range is the TradeLocks Rack Bolt Set which not only is it available in a number of great finishes but it offers the necessary added door security so homeowners can sleep sound at night. 


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Rack Bolt Sets

Door Security Improved with the Rack Bolt Set

Fitting a Rack Bolt Set to any door means added door security and in turn home security. Developed to as an added security measure this great product allows you to simply add an additional lock on the inside of the door to keep intruders out.

Currently in the Rack Bolt Set range is the impressive TradeLocks Rack Bolt Set which includes 2 bolts and a fantastic coloured plate depending on the finish of the rest of the door hardware. The UAP Rack Bolt Set is features a high quality pair of bolts which have surpassed the EN12051 standards and with over 5,000 cycles your homeowners are reassured that it will outlast all others on the market today. Within the pack you receive 2 Rack Bolts, 1 Rack Bolt Key, and 2 sets of escutcheons available in Chrome, White, and Brass. Whether you are purchasing this Rack Bolt Set to offer your customers out of your locksmith shop or are stocking up to have it with you at all times in the van it’s a great way to impress your clients while improving their door security.

There are numerous fantastic products available for improving overall home security but only few can stand up to the impressive Rack Bolt Set available at TradeLocks. Assuring your clients home security requires not only skills but also a variety of great door security products which can help you reassure homeowners of their overall home security.

Working with locksmiths in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain, TradeLocks has an understanding of what homeowners look for in the UK and strives to present a variety in both prices and product options so as to please both locksmiths and homeowners. Whether it’s to resell or to have in your workshop for jobs that may come up the Rack Bolt Set is an excellent way to improve door security and give your customers an opportunity to once again feel safe and secure in their home. 

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